Delivering on our mission: a collection of success stories

At REDi Health, we are passionate about making a difference in community care, especially in rural and underserved areas where access to advanced data analytics and outcomes improvement has been limited. Our mission is to empower healthcare organizations to harness the power of community data and drive meaningful financial, operational, and clinical improvements.   


In our collection of success stories, we proudly showcase the transformative impact that data-driven insights  have on rural healthcare. Working closely with these healthcare organizations, our experienced leadership team has helped operationalize data-driven outcome improvements that were once out of reach for many.     


From streamlining operational efficiency to enhancing patient care protocols, each success story represents a testament to the potential that lies within community data. Join us on this empowering journey as we unveil the REDi Health success stories, a testament to the profound impact of leveraging community data to elevate rural and underserved healthcare to new heights.

“Through our partnership with REDi, we are transforming our rural hospital's financial transparency and exposing hidden revenue cycle opportunities. By identifying and addressing the root causes of claim denials, we can optimize our revenue cycle and establish a sustainable framework for accurate and efficient claims management. This substantial improvement will not only fortify our financial stability but also empower us to further invest in delivering exceptional care to our community.”
Jim Marshall
CEO, Uintah Basin Medical Center
"We are thoroughly impressed with REDi Health's work. Thanks to REDi Health's process improvement solutions, our analysis team member reduced the time spent pulling reports by 20% daily, even while reviewing over 300 charts."
Kelly Jackson
Health Information Manager, Kane County Hospital
"REDi did a great job for us by providing an authenticated analysis that is immediately actionable. Quality and timeliness along with efficient and effective communication of services, are true differentiators for REDi. We couldn't be happier."
Mike Rossi
System Director Managed Care, Baptist Memorial Health Care
"The team at REDi Health worked tirelessly to reverse engineer processes, get data flowing, and provide valid, comprehensive data to our board. Through our partnership, CCA can now 'Deliver with Care,' providing our members the data they need to improve their patients' quality of life."
Marnell Bradfield
Administrative Director, Community Care Alliance
"I am grateful for the collaborative partnership with REDi Health. Through their innovative approach to clinical data automation, I have witnessed a transformation in patient safety and data transparency at Blue Mountain Hospital. This experience has elevated my role and empowered me to have a direct impact on improving patient outcomes. Together, we are driving positive change in healthcare delivery."
Cari Spillman
Compliance Program Manager, Blue Mountain Hospital