How it works

Use analytics to discover the outcome improvements you can make in your community, rural and underserved healthcare organizations.

We provide world-class healthcare analytics that are right sized according to your needs.

Discovery call

We’ll get to know your organization, your team and your specific needs. We’ll narrowly focus on what you want to achieve and we’ll start with the end in mind. 


We will gather information on gaps and opportunities that will facilitate further research in preparation for an assessment.


And we’ll share our experience to align your goals and our skills and experience.

Opportunity assessment

We’ll do a light-touch audit of your data and analytics systems as well as your analyst and reporting team members and workflows.


This is a high value process with a focus on quick-win improvements with tangible suggestions as well as strategic, and thoughtful ideas that fit into a REDi Health framework that will guide our implementations.


The tools, models and frameworks that we bring to the process are thoughtful but focused on finding the 20% of opportunities that represent 80% of the value. This is our method to delivering value from day one versus the alternative approach that takes too long and delays results. 


We’ll make thoughtful recommendations that you can implement quickly alongside experienced staff that guide you along the way.



We’ll teach the team you have or we’ll augment your team with our expert staff-some of the brightest analytics thinkers in the industry. 



We’ll lay out our go-forward recommendations against a timeline that give you insight into time and costs to see results. It is an intuitive and transparent process. You accept what you like, and we discard what doesn’t fit. This is a customized approach that delivers exceptional value without fluff and overhead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us show you the REDi Health advantage.

We guarantee you will have an exceptional experience when you reach out to us. Healthcare is about people taking care of people and that is our commitment.