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Healthcare organizations that are analytically mature will outperform their peers in clinical, operational and financial measures.   The team at REDi Health has worked with the nation’s top performing health organizations across the last 20 years helping them to develop and execute against a world-class analytics strategy, experience that uniquely qualifies them to help your organization to do the same.   Schedule a free consultative call to learn about the benefits of an analytics assessment to measure your current organization against a proven analytics roadmap that will lay out the specific actions you should take to realize additional gains.


Your roadmap will be tailor-suited taking into consideration your organization’s culture, technology, people and process workflows. It will include a gap analysis assessing your current state with specific recommendations to progress along the HIMSS Analytics Adoption model–a model proven across years of use. It will also include a REDi Health model specific to analytics maturity and different role types.


The REDi Health team can perform an assessment in a matter of weeks which includes quantitative data system analysis as well as qualitative interviews of a cross section of your team from front line workers to executive leadership. This approach is imperative to uncover strengths as well as challenges that are not readily visible or easy to internally identify. Plus, the 20 years of experience performing these assessments gives the REDi Health team a nuanced perspective to cut through the clutter that might inhibit an internally driven assessment.


While the assessment can be done in a matter of weeks, most efforts to become an analytically mature organization take months and years of sustained commitment. But the gains are worth the effort, and the REDi Health recommendations also include a timeline of suggested detailed implementations to simplify the process. In addition, because progress if left unattended will be lost, REDi Health recommends a right-sized alignment of coaching between its team and the client’s team to teach these principles over time. Such an approach is imperative to make, keep and advance on one’s gains.


Not only is the coaching principle important to educate your team, but the REDi Health team provides a fractional approach to get the specific expertise that you need whether that be: database administration, data architects, data science, data analysis, visualization, or application specialists. To build a team of such experts is cost prohibitive and this model provides just what you need when you need it.

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