Empowering rural healthcare with actionable data insights

Data-driven outcome improvements


We know healthcare and can advise rural, community, and underserved healthcare organizations on how to improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes.


For the last 20 years we have delivered data-informed results for large and small organizations across every healthcare business model (i.e. ACO, CIN,  FFS, FFV, VBC).


We are uniquely qualified conveners of domain experts in population health, health equity, mental health, fund appropriation, auditing, technology and analytics.

REDi Health is a data-driven outcomes improvement company that helps community, rural and underserved healthcare organizations assess data, discover gaps and deliver quick-win recommendations leading to outsized gains.

Mission driven

We founded REDi Health for the sole purpose to provide strategic consulting and analytic services for community, rural and underserved healthcare organizations to leverage their data in support of population health, mental health and health equity.

How it works

Discovery call

We’ll ask questions to learn where there are quick-win opportunities to create value, and we'll also lay the groundwork for longer term strategy.

Opportunity assessment

We’ll do a light-touch audit of your data, tech systems, team structure, analyst efforts, and analytical reporting workflows.


Using one of several frameworks and models to guide our suggestions, we'll teach your team or augment their efforts with a calculated action plan.

Unprecedented opportunity

The challenge of caring for Americans in rural populations is significant. They face higher average rates of healthcare challenges than urban settings, including higher rates of obesity, opioid abuse, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and heart disease. Factors of scale inefficiency and disease have created financial and operational challenges leading to unprecedented opportunities that have national attention to improve rural healthcare delivery.

1 in 4

americans rely on rural hospitals for their care


hospitals have either closed completely or converted to emergency or outpatient care only in the last 18 years


recognize that better analytics are necessary to improve profits


don’t have the analytic staff to get this work done